In Mums Diary In Mums diary there is a mark next to the date for mother’s day. But for every special mum, should it be acceptable to reserve just one day to commemorate their hard work and love? Also written in mums diary are flowers and chocolates. If predictable is there any thought going into […]

Have you noticed when you try to talk to your teenager; they will snap at you or start a full scale argument? Your home becomes a battle ground. Why is this? Independence. As one of life’s single parent fathers I experienced my lads wanting to change from being teenagers to adults. But if they’re to […]

The demands on single parents are immense. It’s time consuming and energy sapping. Besides raising children there are daily duties like cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. A lot of people aren’t aware of single parents until they become one. Many single parents want help. Offering your assistance can prove to be so beneficial, even if it […]

Think of a farmer at harvest time. He can’t decide to leave it for the time been or speed it up when he feels like it. He has to act when the right season arrives. Your son or daughter could have a particular time when they want to talk. Grab this moment even if you’re […]

  Can you relate to this? “Talking to my son used to be easy, but now at the age of 16 I find it difficult to know what he thinks. He hides away in his room and very rarely speaks to me. In the past conversations may have flowed like a 3 lane motorway. But […]

It is without doubt extremely difficult raising a child or children as a single parent. But what gets over looked quite often is how the kids feel. They are the result of a marriage or relationship breaking down, or even worse, a loss of a parent. Emotions are everywhere and stability is lost. I can […]

Hello all. I’m Steve I’ve constructed this blog so all parents could interact with one another and have access to my e-Book of: Learn Single Parenting From a Father of Three.  A compact e-Book but filled with my own personal experience. This is an aid for any parent.