When my divorce came through I resigned from secular employment to raise my three boys aged three, four and five. It was the most challenging job I’ve done but the most rewarding.

When my brother and I were growing up, our father taught us that hobbies were vitally important to a child. We were never board there was always something to do whether it was indoor or outdoor. I have sister too but there’s a fourteen year gap between us. But our father did exactly the same with her, by involving her with plenty of interests. And to this day, married with her own children she actively gets involved with activities for her and the kids.

This is exactly what I did with my lads, connecting with them through various interests as a family. This is how I arrived at the idea of Ideas and Activities starting with hobbies and interests that we shared. I wouldn’t let my boys hang around street corners being a menace. They were always busy enjoying some activity.

I’ve been involved bands and home recordings since at school,The One Eyed Love and especially writing lyrics. I started putting together comedy songs which gave me the idea of writing children’s poetry. So I have put together the The Unusual Book of Children’s Poems and the The Mini Book of Children’s Poems if you enjoy rhyming poetry why not follow my Unusual Poetry for Children page and post a comment there.

It’s a friendly and family oriented website at id I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Steve.
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