A Challenge

Have you noticed when you try to talk to your teenager; they will snap at you or start a full scale argument? Your home becomes a battle ground.

Why is this? Independence. As one of life’s single parent fathers I experienced my lads wanting to change from being teenagers to adults. But if they’re to become sensible adults they must move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat and tackle the busy dangerous roads, so to speak.

This is where the home can become a war zone. We’ve all heard of those peer pressure stories with teenagers. “You’re 18 now you can move out and get freedom.”

Single Parent Advice

Rather than sitting down and trying to discuss matters with your son or daughter, look for opportunities where an informal conversation would much better. I’ve found they will be more willing to open up to you this way.

Single Parent Advice

Always have a listening ear. Prevent yourself from interrupting when they have something to say.
Don’t be uncompromising when it comes to rules or they will find a means of escape. Be ready to adjust, and listen.

Single Parent Advice


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