Show Consideration To Single Parents

The demands on single parents are immense. It’s time consuming and energy sapping. Besides raising children there are daily duties like cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. A lot of people aren’t aware of single parents until they become one.

Many single parents want help. Offering your assistance can prove to be so beneficial, even if it is just a listening ear. Quite often adult conversation is limited so a chat can work wonders.

A friend of mine once told me he knew a single parent father of four. He said he’d often offered help with a lift to somewhere but he always refused. Sometimes embarrassment can be behind this, or they don’t want to put you out. If you want to help in any way just tell them YOU ARE going to give them a lift or help with something.

Unless you become a single parent you’re probably not going to appreciate fully how difficult this role is. But if you try and put yourself in that position, ask yourself what help would you require. Also if you empathize with their circumstances you’ll be much better equipped to act out of consideration toward single parents.
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