When Your Child Needs To Open Up

Think of a farmer at harvest time. He can’t decide to leave it for the time been or speed it up when he feels like it. He has to act when the right season arrives.

Your son or daughter could have a particular time when they want to talk. Grab this moment even if you’re busy or it’s late and you’re tired.

If you feel your child wants to open up but is reluctant to speak to you, get involved in something with them like cooking together, or just the two of you go somewhere. They’re more likely to talk to you this way.

Especially teenagers, they tend not to see themselves as kids anymore. Have you ever heard “I’m not a child you no”. And it’s natural to respond “oh but you are” and I have been guilty of that. Sometimes it can be that they feel you don’t trust them. So let your child know that you do and you want to listen to them. Ask your child why they feel that they are treated like a child. Always have a listening ear.

When you need to discuss matters with your children remember you’re not in a court room ready to cross examine them. Constantly going on at them will only irritate them.

If you sent the same letter to many employers but never had a response back, then it would be better to re-write that letter. And it’s the same with children; if your approach isn’t working then you need to readjust.

It can be very difficult trying to communicate at times. Talking to other parents I found helped. See how they would tackle similar problems. But most of all, never give up.
Not Jus For Single Parents


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