Communicating with your youths


Can you relate to this? “Talking to my son used to be easy, but now at the age of 16 I find it difficult to know what he thinks. He hides away in his room and very rarely speaks to me.

In the past conversations may have flowed like a 3 lane motorway. But now the road appears blocked.

When your child was younger did they repeatedly ask you questions? But do you feel now that if you didn’t speak first, there would be no conversation?

I know I was met with shrugs of the shoulder or a big dose of attitude. Or Leave me alone, get out of my room.

Trying to get a conversation going can run your patience at times, with a youth who is unresponsive. And communication breaks down at such an important time in their life.

You as a parent need to find out why there is a road block. Searching for independence is one that effects youths. They feel they are now ready for that big wide world without you holding their hand, so to speak. They talk only with friends now and you as a parent feel you’ve been made redundant. Always being there for them is vitally important to your children, and you may not think so but they usually favour mum or dads opinion.

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