Understanding How The Kids Feel?

It is without doubt extremely difficult raising a child or children as a single parent. But what gets over looked quite often is how the kids feel. They are the result of a marriage or relationship breaking down, or even worse, a loss of a parent.

Emotions are everywhere and stability is lost. I can only speak of my boys and how it affected them. After a few years of their mother leaving, one of mine was pleading with her to come home. Another couldn’t understand why mummy was kissing a different man. The one who I thought would react badly appeared on the surface to be fine, but other problems developed as time went by.

Counselling was required for one of my lads as he tried to deal with his emotions himself, and struggled.

So if you are affected by one of the above or maybe you have a different story, how do you feel? Have you now gone on to have children of your own and a single parent yourself? It would be interesting to hear from you.



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