All Parents Are Welcome Not Just Single Parents

My name Is Steve and I am a single parent father of three. My lads were aged three, four and five when I received residence order for them. They are young men now and in my opinion, there is no job harder than raising children on your own. I am a single parent father but as the title says, not just single parents are welcome here but all parents.

The e-Book pictured is an aid in single parenting, packed with experience from a real life father. You can find this here: Learn Single Parent Help

I’ve taken that challenging road from young children to adults, and if you are starting that journey or you’re already on it, I’d love to hear from you all. Or you can follow on: Single Parent Help-Twitter  and Single Parent Help-Facebook

You can visit my website at: Ideas and Activities for things to do as a family or take a quick look on video what it’s all about at: Days out for the family. Feel free to comment and share your experiences, it’s good to chat.

The e-Book is compact but covers areas such as going to court, teenage years and adulthood, and much more in between. Learn from my experience. See how a positive approach to your statements in court can be beneficial. Is learning to cook a life skill? There are one or two funny anecdotes on my kitchen adventures.

There is no better way to learn than from someone who has been there. Download your copy now of: Learn single Parenting From a Father of Three
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